Friday, November 14, 2008

I am Back! Here's What's New...

First I must apologize for the delay in blog number four, but I believe I had a good reason! The end of pregnancy, and the birth of our third child, Crew, who was born on November 11th. We are so blessed!! And I feel so great now, so don't count on me missing any more blogs anytime soon!!

So now, on with the blog!!

I first would like to say I am so grateful the first two Ali J Boutique scarf sales went well- thanks to so many wonderful ladies who came, chatted, shopped, and left LuLu Bean's coffee house with a little gold bag in hand. I can't say how much it means to me that this business is being blessed and that so many opportunities are opening up for it!!

So what is new?? Well now...hats, wallets, bracelets, and earrings, that is what!! I have found some beautiful earring/bracelet sets to compliment the scarves. Big, cool earrings for the funky, fun side of you, as well as conservative sets. And the hats? Oh, I am so pleased- very cute knit beanies! Lastly, the wallets are the latest flat clutch style- very classy.

I have my very first home show coming up on December 6th, thanks to the wonderful Diane Minke, who will hostess the show. She has already been so instrumental with new ideas and supportive of Ali J Boutique. Thank you, Diane! I am looking forward to it!!!

Now it has come to my attention that my website could use more style, pictures, etc. So if it is different every time you check it out, that is just me findin' my groove;) Also it will probably be me that you see modeling my wares, not because I want to be the model (I still kinda cringe) but because I am the person always here! It would be hard to ask someone to be that available to me when I get inventory in so sporadically. And Emri won't sit still long enough;)

I have also been asked numerous times if ladies (who can't make it to my sales) can stop by my house to see my accessories, and now I can confidently say, "yes!" Although the sales are best- the atmosphere is wonderful- this is also possible now since my wonderful hubby made me an office in our home with a beautiful wood display for my scarves. If this is the case for anyone, contact me and I will have the door open for you.

The last thing I wanted to highlight in this blog is the lovely idea my hubby had for doing gift baskets for the holidays. With the addition of more accessories to my boutique, it is possible to make great matching sets:
A scarf, earrings, and bracelet basket
A scarf, earrings, and wallet basket,
A scarf, hat, and wallet basket
A scarf, hat, earrings, bracelet, and wallet basket!!
And the cool part is that I will be offering a percentage off since they are in a package deal. I will have them available at my next sale, so think about what your mom, sister, boss, girlfriend, etc. would like for Christmas and I am sure I can help you out with that;)

It is nice to be back! Thanks for reading!