Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scarf Party with some Classy Ladies

How fun it was to do a scarf presentation for a dear friend of mine, Abby, who works with a great bunch of *mature* ladies!! We had a ball putting the scarves on the women, talking about trends over the years, and just plain laughing. I will let these adorable pictures tell the rest of the story:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scarf Sale and Hostess Perks

Hey, y'all! Why do people in the south get to talk fun?? All we get is, yah-sure-yew betcha. Hmmm. Focus, Al. Okay- so here is the latest with Ali J Boutique! There are many events coming up- including a much needed sale at Deidra's in Willmar in two days (Friday 4:30-6:30). I haven't held a sale in quite a while, but have been thankfully busy nonetheless. I really appreciate it when people think of me for gift ideas- scarves are one size fits all, gratefully! Your scarf will never be too tight when you have those days of not feeling quite yourself, ladies. Oh yeah! Uh huh!! I love this business!

I have also been contacted by two wonderful ladies for home parties. Keep that in mind, people! If you would love to have a new scarf collection, host a party! The rewards are great! In fact, let me just post these rewards to entice you further...

Ali J Boutique Hostess Rewards


1. Book a party.

2. Have access to your home, the home of a friend or relative, or venue appropriate for hosting a sale (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.)

3. Have fun and be an encourager!


1. Hostess automatically receives a $25.00 gift card to Ali J Boutique.

2. Hostess receives $15.00 in gift cards to Ali J Boutique for every $100.00 spent at the sale.

3. Hostess receives an additional $25.00 in Ali J gift cards for a party booked from her party.

Sound good? I thought so... Contact me for further details!!!

Hope to see you at the sale!