Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We have the IN- BETWEENERS!

Okay, huh? What are the in-betweeners?

I am referring to clothing. Fashion for the gals that no longer feel comfortable shopping in the Juniors section, but aren't quite ready to go over to the ladies. For example, I used to shop Herberger's quite a bit. I hold nothing against this store, this is just my personal experience. I would have to search through the entire Juniors section to find a couple items that just might have a long enough torso in a top, or a rise in a jean that would actually cover my booty. Then, I would head over to the ladies section, and try on jeans and maybe find a couple of options that were below my BELLY BUTTON. Quite the diff.

Yes, I know, there are other places to shop. And trust me, I did. Before I had the shop, I was a professional shopper for *myself* Thank you Lord for giving me another outlet....

Now I get to buy cute stuff for all you chicks! And we have those in between styles for ya! Not exactly Juniors, but not exactly Ladies section (we do carry some juniors and ladies, but you know where I am going- we have it ALL).

If you have thought or experienced what I have in this regard, come on in. We would be happy to show you our jeans that are right in between. And our tops that are cute but young....enough.

We really truly love to help.