Friday, February 25, 2011

FaShIoN FRiDaY Take two!!

(yep- i know my post is black...and plain...but someone pointed out it is easier to read that way, so to accomodate, this is my "new look" :)

Here are the results from week two of the fashion weeks...wish i had more time to do fashion chat! But, I just posted my schedule and as you can see, I am pretty busy (it doesn't even show the home parties I do!!) So!!

For Day 1, Best Color....I think I see the common thread...we ladies get our "best color" by taking other ladies opinions, but also because of our own preferences. Personally, I think I have worn every color possible, but there are some I am sure that don't look so hot. I am guessing I shouldn't wear orange...or sage...but, don't you dare try and take away my teal, lime, or jewel tones right now!!! I am a mom of four toddlers- I have muscles!!

For Day 2, What to wear when the weather is not too cold, but not warm either?? Most of you said Scarf (atta girls), a light coat (like a TRENCH?? ME WANT ONE!!), and a couple said vest. I think vests are tricky. I like the two i have had for three years from Gap Tall because the are long and have a tie around the middle. For anything that is slightly puffy, I love it when it comes with a tie. Gotta show the shape, gals!! If it doesn't, I would be very tempted to add a belt. Yep, that's what I would do!!

For Day 3, Legwear in winter? leggings, yep. tights and boots, yep!! I love the convo we had going on about wearing pants with skirts. Hey- anything goes!!!

For Day 4, Girls Night OUt!! I went with yep, Steph, a shirt, skinnies, boots, and a scarf :)

Thanks for participating Ladies!!!! Here is what I plan to do with the results....If you responded, you get 30% off an Ali J at any Ali J Boutique show you come to!!!!! Check the schedule to the left, I will keep adding dates as I get them!! Or, you can save your 30% for the store. Thanks so much!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

fAsHiOn FrIDaY!!!!

Okay Ladies! Here are the results from 6 days of Fashion Questions on Facebook:

Day 1: Which is your fave cut in jeans: skinny, boot cut, slim, flare, or wide leg???

The consensus???? Boot cut comes in first, but some of you are non-discriminatory and love all the styles. And there was one shout out the the increasingly popular Pajama Jean. My only dislike about these "jeans"?? The name! Come on- couldn't they be called Fancy Pants, or Skinny Minnies, or Jeggings....oh wait....Hey- isn't it great that these days, ALL cuts are IN STYLE?!? I love that!! Uh-oh, does this mean I am going to be stuck in this era, and my kids are going to have to do a closet intervention in about 10 years? hmmmm....

Day 2: Which hair style has been your favorite over the years??

I only had one response for day 2 (thanks, Karen!) so this tells me that we women are never satisfied with our hair. Okay, that may be an extreme assumption, but isn't it true? We get it cut, and it is really cool for like, 3 hours. Then walks in a friend with a really cute new wedge cut, and suddenly you feel like you are sportin' a mullet! Case in point? Jennifer Aniston's response to her all-time popular cut, "The Rachel": "How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I have ever seen." according the the February issue of Allure magazine. Okay, I get it. (Karen, still waiting for that photo :)

Day 3: Is it okay to wear open toe shoes in pictures?

This question came about because my sweet mom thought it was a "rule". Like no white before Labor Day (Is that the rule? Does anyone follow it???) So, I am so glad to see the overwhelming opinion is YES!! Cuz I want to be rockin' some toe cleavage! (Hey the other bridesmaids get to have the OTHER kind, so...)

Day 4: What is your go to date outfit?

Everyone answered with an accessory- scarf, more jewelry, etc. And a great pair of shoes! Let's face it- heels are hard to wear all day long, so if we can be taller for a few hours, it actually will work. Unless you are going to a wedding. Then, I suggest you invest some $$$ into a great pair of well-made sexy shoes, or you will be the one getting her toes stepped on and sticky because your feet will be ~naked~ Some shoes I like? These:

Sofft Brand St. Germaine. $112. Cute floral detail, sturdy enough heel without being chunky, and the inside is like walking on marshmallows. NO kidding!!

Day 5: What type of scarf gal are you?

All I have to say for this one- thanks for the subtle hints, gals, you know you have the hook-up :)

Day 6: More important: being trendy, or dressing to your shape??

You said either "shape" or a "bit of both". I really like Karen's answer. As women, we have such different shapes that we need to find the styles that flatter us. I am so passionate about women finding the clothing to fit their curves, and not trying to make a certain size or brand or style forcibly work on them. YOU are not the issue if your clothes don't fit, THE CLOTHES ARE!!! Let's give ourselves a break, and if it doesn't fit, pitch it!!!!! oh, and be trendy with accessories! totally.

Day 7: Trendy Cowgirl style belts with buckles.

Sorry if this was a tease, but I am getting them in the future. I promise you will LOVE THEM!! I haven't seen belts this cute since my mom rocked some pretty awesome ones in the '80s. I had to wrap them around twice on my 6 year old waist, but I still LOVED them!! So, here is a "teaser session"


Thanks so much to the ladies who gave their, to all of you who DIDN' just may end up on this blog, famous! So, Keep the opinions comin!!! :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello!!! I am launching a new project on my blog, and facebook, and Twitter....phew!!! Basically, to be really involved in all three, and use this Social Networking stuff to the MAX. It sounds overwhelming, but I am determined to be OrGaNiZeD!!!! Let's see how this goes... I am stretching myself- the techy stuff isn't my forte- I lOVE doing SCARF SALES and hanging with the LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I am learning, and it will be ~fun~ SO!! I will be posting on here as often as I can, about sales, new things I am learning for my business, and on Fridays, I will do a Fashion session, where I take all of your facebook comments on my Ali J Boutique page, and consolidate and expand on them... HERE WE GO!! JOIN ME IN THE FUN!!!