Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We have the IN- BETWEENERS!

Okay, huh? What are the in-betweeners?

I am referring to clothing. Fashion for the gals that no longer feel comfortable shopping in the Juniors section, but aren't quite ready to go over to the ladies. For example, I used to shop Herberger's quite a bit. I hold nothing against this store, this is just my personal experience. I would have to search through the entire Juniors section to find a couple items that just might have a long enough torso in a top, or a rise in a jean that would actually cover my booty. Then, I would head over to the ladies section, and try on jeans and maybe find a couple of options that were below my BELLY BUTTON. Quite the diff.

Yes, I know, there are other places to shop. And trust me, I did. Before I had the shop, I was a professional shopper for *myself* Thank you Lord for giving me another outlet....

Now I get to buy cute stuff for all you chicks! And we have those in between styles for ya! Not exactly Juniors, but not exactly Ladies section (we do carry some juniors and ladies, but you know where I am going- we have it ALL).

If you have thought or experienced what I have in this regard, come on in. We would be happy to show you our jeans that are right in between. And our tops that are cute but young....enough.

We really truly love to help.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boots? Did someone say BOOTS??

If there is one thing that rivals my love for SCARVES, it would have to be boots. I collect them in every shape and size...from shoeties to over the knee boots (which, since I am tall ACTUALLY hit under my knee...but I digress...). I get giddy when the fall weather is turning crisp for mainly one reason: my boots get to show their pretty little faces again!!!
Okay, here is why I think boots are awesome.

~Comfort. The shaft of the boot hugs your calves, making them very easy to walk in. Even boots with a heel have great support from their height. A lot of boots nowdays are made with a platform under the toe, so even if you have a 4 inch heel, it feels like just 2.5. They really are focused on comfort with boots, and I fully appreciate style WITH comfort. Here are a pair that are totally classy fab, with a bit of a platform in the toe for comfort:

~Variety. Every shape, height, and style is IN. I love that! Here is one of my fave booties right now:

~Detail. You can totally find a pair of boots that are unique, detailed, and just right for YOU! I am loving the added comfy sweater top on the first boots...AND the darling lace up on the back of the second. Either would totally be my go-to-boots for everyday style!

All that being said, I don't mean to tease you with putting pictures up of these cute boots. SO...I will try my hardest to get them into Ali J Boutique!!! Keep watching my Facebook for when they arrive...and come in quick to make sure your size is still available! They are going pretty fast!



Thursday, November 17, 2011

I dream of Jeans!!!

I am a jean fanatic. Just ask my sister- as she is the recipient of a load of them each year that I have cycled through. I love finding new brands, new styles, new flattering cuts. In the past, I have been a fan of Gap, Banana Republic, Express, Silver, Lucky, BKE, Hudson, Miss Me, Levis, and off boutique brands to name just a few... I am an equal opportunity denim officianado!

I think my obsession began when in one summer I grew three inches, requiring me to seek out longer inseams and cute shapes that weren't too old for my age. It was tough for a while there! It seemed as if the unique styles were made in just the "regular" inseams. I remedied this by becoming my own designer for a while. I would take the bottoms off old jeans, and literally sew on length to the ones I liked. I was a master at pulling out the hem as well. That worked for a while in college, when I went through a mix n match, casual stage. But then I wanted to get into a more long and lean look. So I searched. And searched. And I got Lucky. As in Lucky brand jeans :) They were fabulously long, but PRICEY for a college student for sure! I worked my weekend job for a whole month to buy three pair. But it was heaven!

As I have gotten older- I have been able to find more styles and brands. I think companies are realizing they can sell the long lengths well and don't need to put a three digit number on the price tag. So, here are my faves right now (yep, they are in my store, I am so glad I get to sell what I like!):

What makes these jeans extra fabulous is that they are what I call a perfect cross between jeggings and denim...they have a great stretch! BUT...are ya ready? They KEEP their SHAPE!! Hallelujah, let me hear it! No baggy buns, stretched out waist, etc. They are genious let me tell ya. And just as much as I like finding a deal, I like giving it. So they are around $50 a pair, You're Welcome. :P

If you want a deal, come on in and try three pairs of jeans on and you will receive 10% off a pair. Just mention this blog post and we will hook ya up.


Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Ali J Boutique fans, I am Stacie the Ali J color {Mixmaster}. I have always been driven by color; I think it plays an integral part in our daily lives. I believe that color can help inspire, alter moods, and even change our perspective.

~Think about how your memories are alive with color and how some of your favorite things are tied to your own color pallet.~

I have an art background so I am constantly creating new color combinations and breaking the neutral boundaries. My newest favorite neutral is grey; it can be used with an assortment of colors and comes in an abundance of shades. I like to find one good neutral and then go to each end of the color spectrum with some of the other pieces. Try mixing chartreuse and a charcoal grey with rich teal. The richness of the colors will just make your ensemble come alive!

Each women needs to find her own colors that work for her and then play with different combinations that will just enhance her features. I have very fair skin with a lot of pink tones in it, so to counter that I like to wear a lot of cool blues and greens that enhance my eyes and the rose of my cheeks. If you need help finding colors that work for you or want to mix up a new color combination please STOP IN and we would be GLAD TO HELP.

Ali J Boutique

Friday and Saturday, 9-5

15 Main Street South

New London, MN

Thursday, November 10, 2011


In all honesty...I LOVE TO HELP GALS FIND THEIR PERSONAL GOD GRANTED STYLE! What to do I mean by that? I mean God created us all unique. Different. And just right. We have our own preferences, tendencies, comfort levels, aka {STYLE}. This new blog is the place we (Anna, Stacie, and I) will try and help you find your sweet spot with your style.

Topic today: Numbers.

I have to start with a quote from Joyce Meyer: "You gotta learn to take what you got and do the best with it. If you can improve it, improve it but if you can't, learn to love it."

That being said, are you ok with your numbers? It is something I have been thinking a lot about since opening the store. I have 5 lines of denim, and each run differently. Therefore, when I am helping a gal pick out jeans to try on, she may have to grab an 8 in one line, and a 14 in another. It is just the nature of the industry. But, these numbers throw gals. It is probably a huge marketing scheme for some of the labels, but the jeans that run larger sell more. Hmmm.... Why do ladies care what number is on the inside of the label? Nobody else sees it! I couldn't guess what one gal is to the next, because we are all SO DIFFERENT!!

So there is the issue. Focusing on a number. We have to get to the point where we use the number as a guideline to grab a piece of clothing off a rack, but NEVER use it as a measure of our worth. NEVER again feel better about yourself, or worse, because of the size you pulled on that morning. Be healthy for your shape, yes, but never put yourself down. If you are getting healthy, putting yourself down will NOT help you reach your goal anyway!

I am 5'10. I am 155 pounds. I am a size M/L on top, 8-12 on bottom, depending on the brand. Those are my stats- they don't define me. These numbers do: I am a wife to 1. I am a mom of 4. I am a daughter of 6. I am a sister to 5. And ultimately, I serve 1 God.

Embrace the numbers that count. Really truly count.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Blog Has a NEW LOOK!! She feels so stylish and sassy!! There are some wonderful changes coming her way, as Stacie and Anna, two wonderful gals who help out at Ali J Boutique storefront will be guest bloggers! Here is how I would describe these fab gals:


~Color master extraordinaire (she can blend, match, and smash colors together to make the perfect complete ensemble...her blogs on this topic are a MUST READ!)

~Encourager and Uplifter (if you are having a blue day, she can put your whole attitude into perspective!!)

~Busy, busy bee (She will work, work, work until the job is done...but better yet- she works SMART!!)

~Organization (this is an understatement...leave her alone in a room and it will be completely sorted, sifted, and clean by the time you turn around)


~Funky, daring, and visionary style (looking through new bracelets to get in....Anna, "Is that a sloth?? How awesome- to have a SLOTH wrapped around my wrist!!")

~Compassionate and Empathetic (this girl is the one to come to for prayer and understanding...she is wise beyond her years)

~Anal (ok- don't like that word, but I COMPLETELY admire the trait!! There is a place for everything, and everything in it's place...)

~Visionary (we share a similar love for boutique spaces and everything it stands for...taking your time shopping in a unique, beautiful environment with unique, beautiful products)

I am so excited to post more on here now- just needed a little "boost" and off we go! Oh, and as for me, I LOVE fashion, style, accessorizing, etc. So I will be more than happy to share the tips and tricks I live by.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Process

I struggle to find things to talk about on this blog- i always feel like it should have a theme...or a certain angle to it. But, life isn't organized like that, so I am writing this blog about this crazy process of opening a storefront!

I have been running Ali J Boutique as a traveling boutique for three years, but not until about 6 months ago did I feel the push to expand into a storefront. It seemed way too impossible, with my husband and my 4 kids being priority. BUT!! God has sure showed me that what I thought would make it impossible are the very things that make it possible!! A husband who is so supportive, can run the house as well as I can or even better, and friends and family who are so willing to help it is incredible. I have learned how to ask for help and not feel bad about it!!! And the kids- Ethan and Emri are so excited to help mommy in the store (when I can...) and Crew and Ayla are very flexible and love to hang out with Grandma. So there it is! I have gone through a journey already and I haven't even opened yet! But, I am now EXCITED not SCARED to begin. The Lord runs my business just as He runs my life, and I am completely relieved, because I know He has great blessings in store!!

Ali J Boutique will now be open Fridays and Saturdays, 9-5!! Come in for a warm welcome, a positive atmosphere, and helpful staff ready to please. I say "thank you" in advance for supporting this venture and in that way, supporting my family.

Thank YOU!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

It is getting REAL...

Hello!! I am so excited as I write this!!! Okay, excited, nervous, scared, happy, CRAZY BLESSED!!! I am officially a Boutique Storefront Owner!!!! I am moving Ali J Boutique into the "old Big Store" space in New London. The building is now called Midtown Plaza.

I can't believe how God is making all this happen...My sign is up!! Check it out!!

Also, since it is Girlfriend's Night Out in New London tonight, Wade and I worked hard the past two days to get my windows pretty :)

Here is an attempt at a picture, but until we get light inside, there is a pretty bad glare. More pics to come!! Or, come out tonight yourself and SEE IT!! I will be there, handing out business cards (AND CHOCOLATE!), weather permitting ( stay away rain!!)

I will keep this blog updated on the progress....also check for updates.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

New website...New Venture!!!

The ~WEBSITE~ is back up!!! It is cute, simple, and pretty much just informational at this point. BUT! It is a great start! Keep checking back to see a more definite date than "mid-summer" for....


I feel so blessed that my dream is coming true. This is a definite God-breathed adventure, and I would love to share it with you all (all 5 of my readers...hah!) sometime. It truly is awe-inspiring, and trust me, not because of anything I have done. I am so proud that He is President of my company. Couldn't do it any other way....and the ride wouldn't be near as exciting!!

That's all for now- on we go!!!


Friday, April 15, 2011


So, ladies, I can safely say this has been the craziest, and yet most BLESSED Spring I have had with Ali J Boutique!! I did my homework....I booked myself out....I asked, hired, or begged wonderful people in my life to help me....and I have had a great time so far at Expos, women's events, and Home Parties!! Wow- so many people have been so good to me, i can't even tell you how wonderful it makes me feel :) Special thanks to Linda Larson, "Ma", who set up a special event at Melvins on April Fools Day for a bunch of her daughter (Cari Huisinga)'s friends who represent different companies. It was honestly a blast. It is people like her, who take a genuine interest in my business, that make me feel so humbled. Honestly. And people like Karen McLaughlin, who had one of my first home parties, and makes a point to come out and support me. Also, Sharon Nelson, Deb Wessling, Sue Sunde. And Kim Kleven, Diane Hagedorn, Janelle Cockrell, and Billie Madsen. And Brooke Lien, Amy Combs, Elizabeth Johnson. And Lynn Stier. Oh- there are so many- and I FEEL SO BLESSED!! Ok- this has turned into a big "thank you fest" but, that's the way I feel right now. SO!! THANK YOU CARI HUSINGA!! RACHEL ELMHORST!!! NIKKI FRIESE!! ERICA GAHLON!!! JOANNA LIEN!!! BECKY VILLNOW!!! AND LASTLY, BUT NOT LEAST BY ANY MEASURE, MY MOM!!! MY MOM-IN-LOVE!! AND MY DEAR SISTER, DANI. Thanks. Whew. I feel better now :) Love you all. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. Alison

Friday, February 25, 2011

FaShIoN FRiDaY Take two!!

(yep- i know my post is black...and plain...but someone pointed out it is easier to read that way, so to accomodate, this is my "new look" :)

Here are the results from week two of the fashion weeks...wish i had more time to do fashion chat! But, I just posted my schedule and as you can see, I am pretty busy (it doesn't even show the home parties I do!!) So!!

For Day 1, Best Color....I think I see the common thread...we ladies get our "best color" by taking other ladies opinions, but also because of our own preferences. Personally, I think I have worn every color possible, but there are some I am sure that don't look so hot. I am guessing I shouldn't wear orange...or sage...but, don't you dare try and take away my teal, lime, or jewel tones right now!!! I am a mom of four toddlers- I have muscles!!

For Day 2, What to wear when the weather is not too cold, but not warm either?? Most of you said Scarf (atta girls), a light coat (like a TRENCH?? ME WANT ONE!!), and a couple said vest. I think vests are tricky. I like the two i have had for three years from Gap Tall because the are long and have a tie around the middle. For anything that is slightly puffy, I love it when it comes with a tie. Gotta show the shape, gals!! If it doesn't, I would be very tempted to add a belt. Yep, that's what I would do!!

For Day 3, Legwear in winter? leggings, yep. tights and boots, yep!! I love the convo we had going on about wearing pants with skirts. Hey- anything goes!!!

For Day 4, Girls Night OUt!! I went with yep, Steph, a shirt, skinnies, boots, and a scarf :)

Thanks for participating Ladies!!!! Here is what I plan to do with the results....If you responded, you get 30% off an Ali J at any Ali J Boutique show you come to!!!!! Check the schedule to the left, I will keep adding dates as I get them!! Or, you can save your 30% for the store. Thanks so much!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

fAsHiOn FrIDaY!!!!

Okay Ladies! Here are the results from 6 days of Fashion Questions on Facebook:

Day 1: Which is your fave cut in jeans: skinny, boot cut, slim, flare, or wide leg???

The consensus???? Boot cut comes in first, but some of you are non-discriminatory and love all the styles. And there was one shout out the the increasingly popular Pajama Jean. My only dislike about these "jeans"?? The name! Come on- couldn't they be called Fancy Pants, or Skinny Minnies, or Jeggings....oh wait....Hey- isn't it great that these days, ALL cuts are IN STYLE?!? I love that!! Uh-oh, does this mean I am going to be stuck in this era, and my kids are going to have to do a closet intervention in about 10 years? hmmmm....

Day 2: Which hair style has been your favorite over the years??

I only had one response for day 2 (thanks, Karen!) so this tells me that we women are never satisfied with our hair. Okay, that may be an extreme assumption, but isn't it true? We get it cut, and it is really cool for like, 3 hours. Then walks in a friend with a really cute new wedge cut, and suddenly you feel like you are sportin' a mullet! Case in point? Jennifer Aniston's response to her all-time popular cut, "The Rachel": "How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I have ever seen." according the the February issue of Allure magazine. Okay, I get it. (Karen, still waiting for that photo :)

Day 3: Is it okay to wear open toe shoes in pictures?

This question came about because my sweet mom thought it was a "rule". Like no white before Labor Day (Is that the rule? Does anyone follow it???) So, I am so glad to see the overwhelming opinion is YES!! Cuz I want to be rockin' some toe cleavage! (Hey the other bridesmaids get to have the OTHER kind, so...)

Day 4: What is your go to date outfit?

Everyone answered with an accessory- scarf, more jewelry, etc. And a great pair of shoes! Let's face it- heels are hard to wear all day long, so if we can be taller for a few hours, it actually will work. Unless you are going to a wedding. Then, I suggest you invest some $$$ into a great pair of well-made sexy shoes, or you will be the one getting her toes stepped on and sticky because your feet will be ~naked~ Some shoes I like? These:

Sofft Brand St. Germaine. $112. Cute floral detail, sturdy enough heel without being chunky, and the inside is like walking on marshmallows. NO kidding!!

Day 5: What type of scarf gal are you?

All I have to say for this one- thanks for the subtle hints, gals, you know you have the hook-up :)

Day 6: More important: being trendy, or dressing to your shape??

You said either "shape" or a "bit of both". I really like Karen's answer. As women, we have such different shapes that we need to find the styles that flatter us. I am so passionate about women finding the clothing to fit their curves, and not trying to make a certain size or brand or style forcibly work on them. YOU are not the issue if your clothes don't fit, THE CLOTHES ARE!!! Let's give ourselves a break, and if it doesn't fit, pitch it!!!!! oh, and be trendy with accessories! totally.

Day 7: Trendy Cowgirl style belts with buckles.

Sorry if this was a tease, but I am getting them in the future. I promise you will LOVE THEM!! I haven't seen belts this cute since my mom rocked some pretty awesome ones in the '80s. I had to wrap them around twice on my 6 year old waist, but I still LOVED them!! So, here is a "teaser session"


Thanks so much to the ladies who gave their, to all of you who DIDN' just may end up on this blog, famous! So, Keep the opinions comin!!! :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello!!! I am launching a new project on my blog, and facebook, and Twitter....phew!!! Basically, to be really involved in all three, and use this Social Networking stuff to the MAX. It sounds overwhelming, but I am determined to be OrGaNiZeD!!!! Let's see how this goes... I am stretching myself- the techy stuff isn't my forte- I lOVE doing SCARF SALES and hanging with the LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I am learning, and it will be ~fun~ SO!! I will be posting on here as often as I can, about sales, new things I am learning for my business, and on Fridays, I will do a Fashion session, where I take all of your facebook comments on my Ali J Boutique page, and consolidate and expand on them... HERE WE GO!! JOIN ME IN THE FUN!!!