Friday, April 13, 2012

That's crazy!!

Hello ladies. And my hubby (hi hon- you read my blog, dontcha??). I have been thinking this morning about how many times I have said "That's crazy!" or "It's crazy!" or "I know- I'm crazy!" these past few months. And yes- it truly is for me right now! I will explain.
I have a folder in my Ali J pics on facebook with me showing y'all some of the hat styles I had in for winter. It was really fun putting all those on of course, but in a metaphorical sense, all the hats I have to wear can really make me feel unhinged! I know, as women, we jump from one thing to another so fast our husbands or friends say, "where in the world did you come up with that?' I have heard it described as spaghetti. Women's train of thought (in many cases...not you lucky melancholy's probably...) goes from dishes to television to whether the kids are taken care of to the squeaky noise in the car to a friend's illness to the laundry. Big or small- we take it on all at once and try to manage it all!
Right now, it is very apparent to me that the hats I am wearing are some of the most important of my life so far. And the crazy part is that I have the privelige to actually wear them. Wife. Mom. Teacher. Business Owner. Friend. Sister. Daughter. I wonder if that feeling increases the older we get? Or decreases? Do we learn how to handle everything better, or do we learn to give ourselves a break?
As an overcoming perfectionist, letting myself not do everything my mind thinks I can handle is very tough. But, I am slowly learning that God will make sure His plan for me is fulfilled, in spite of me. In spite of my trying to be perfect, or trying to make everyone around me comfortable. I guess that isn't my job, huh? That is between them and Him. I want to be the person who can find more rest in that. Trust it. That He is the great vindicator and I don't need to worry making a case for myself. I just need to listen..or try to. I don't always hear Him but when I do, it is SO SWEET! That is what keeps me going- He is there, I can have faith and learn to trust.
So, for this business woman, I don't need to worry! He had the plan for the expansion of Ali J Boutique all worked out before I started selling scarves in coffee shops. He knows where it is headed, and frankly, if it is headed nowhere, I am to trust. Because He will take care of me. It is wonderful being able to encourage and uplift women in this little shop, but I sincerely believe if that is my gift, He will use it to His glory in here or elsewhere.
I am truly excited! Excited to see what is in store for Ali J's! Excited to see how I can be a blessing and serve this community and from there, who knows??


  1. It really is a blessing to be able to give and receive[and I don't mean money] through our businesses....your words have spiced my day with just the right amount of joy! :)