Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boots? Did someone say BOOTS??

If there is one thing that rivals my love for SCARVES, it would have to be boots. I collect them in every shape and size...from shoeties to over the knee boots (which, since I am tall ACTUALLY hit under my knee...but I digress...). I get giddy when the fall weather is turning crisp for mainly one reason: my boots get to show their pretty little faces again!!!
Okay, here is why I think boots are awesome.

~Comfort. The shaft of the boot hugs your calves, making them very easy to walk in. Even boots with a heel have great support from their height. A lot of boots nowdays are made with a platform under the toe, so even if you have a 4 inch heel, it feels like just 2.5. They really are focused on comfort with boots, and I fully appreciate style WITH comfort. Here are a pair that are totally classy fab, with a bit of a platform in the toe for comfort:

~Variety. Every shape, height, and style is IN. I love that! Here is one of my fave booties right now:

~Detail. You can totally find a pair of boots that are unique, detailed, and just right for YOU! I am loving the added comfy sweater top on the first boots...AND the darling lace up on the back of the second. Either would totally be my go-to-boots for everyday style!

All that being said, I don't mean to tease you with putting pictures up of these cute boots. SO...I will try my hardest to get them into Ali J Boutique!!! Keep watching my Facebook for when they arrive...and come in quick to make sure your size is still available! They are going pretty fast!



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