Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Ali J Boutique fans, I am Stacie the Ali J color {Mixmaster}. I have always been driven by color; I think it plays an integral part in our daily lives. I believe that color can help inspire, alter moods, and even change our perspective.

~Think about how your memories are alive with color and how some of your favorite things are tied to your own color pallet.~

I have an art background so I am constantly creating new color combinations and breaking the neutral boundaries. My newest favorite neutral is grey; it can be used with an assortment of colors and comes in an abundance of shades. I like to find one good neutral and then go to each end of the color spectrum with some of the other pieces. Try mixing chartreuse and a charcoal grey with rich teal. The richness of the colors will just make your ensemble come alive!

Each women needs to find her own colors that work for her and then play with different combinations that will just enhance her features. I have very fair skin with a lot of pink tones in it, so to counter that I like to wear a lot of cool blues and greens that enhance my eyes and the rose of my cheeks. If you need help finding colors that work for you or want to mix up a new color combination please STOP IN and we would be GLAD TO HELP.

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