Thursday, November 17, 2011

I dream of Jeans!!!

I am a jean fanatic. Just ask my sister- as she is the recipient of a load of them each year that I have cycled through. I love finding new brands, new styles, new flattering cuts. In the past, I have been a fan of Gap, Banana Republic, Express, Silver, Lucky, BKE, Hudson, Miss Me, Levis, and off boutique brands to name just a few... I am an equal opportunity denim officianado!

I think my obsession began when in one summer I grew three inches, requiring me to seek out longer inseams and cute shapes that weren't too old for my age. It was tough for a while there! It seemed as if the unique styles were made in just the "regular" inseams. I remedied this by becoming my own designer for a while. I would take the bottoms off old jeans, and literally sew on length to the ones I liked. I was a master at pulling out the hem as well. That worked for a while in college, when I went through a mix n match, casual stage. But then I wanted to get into a more long and lean look. So I searched. And searched. And I got Lucky. As in Lucky brand jeans :) They were fabulously long, but PRICEY for a college student for sure! I worked my weekend job for a whole month to buy three pair. But it was heaven!

As I have gotten older- I have been able to find more styles and brands. I think companies are realizing they can sell the long lengths well and don't need to put a three digit number on the price tag. So, here are my faves right now (yep, they are in my store, I am so glad I get to sell what I like!):

What makes these jeans extra fabulous is that they are what I call a perfect cross between jeggings and denim...they have a great stretch! BUT...are ya ready? They KEEP their SHAPE!! Hallelujah, let me hear it! No baggy buns, stretched out waist, etc. They are genious let me tell ya. And just as much as I like finding a deal, I like giving it. So they are around $50 a pair, You're Welcome. :P

If you want a deal, come on in and try three pairs of jeans on and you will receive 10% off a pair. Just mention this blog post and we will hook ya up.


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